Pinthaeus sanguinipes

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Pinthaeus sanguinipes
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Denne art, var jeg heldig at finde i Holmegaard Mose i 2021 – det er første danske fund siden 1850, hvor et enkelt voksent eksemplar blev fundet i Nykøbing Falster.


During a walk in Holmegaard Mose 21. august 2021 – i photographed a pentatomid nymph. I was not aware of the species, so i just took a few snaps and went on with my walk.

At home i posted a picture of the specimen on iNaturalist, and was convinced that it was the somewhat common species Troilus luridus – but shortly a french specialist in Pentatomids (Roland Lupoli) suggested, that it should instead be a nymph of Pinthaeus sanguinipes This species was noted in the danish checklists, as a species, that was known from only a single specimen collected on Falster in 1850 (specimen placed in ZMUC).

Pinthaeus sanguinipes – Holmegaard Mose