Hyalomma aegyptium


Hyalomma aegyptium
Uden Dansk Navn

A closeup of two Hyalloma aegyptium parasitizing the marginated tortoises (Testudo marginata). If i’m correct the large specimen is an adult female. The other i think is a late stage nymph – but it might also be a male Grækenland, Peloponnese, Strofylia National Park (Maj 2022)


Siroký, P., K.J. Petrzelková, M. Kamler, A.D. Mihalca & D. Modrý. 2006. Hyalomma aegyptium as dominant tick in tortoises of the genus Testudo in Balkan countries, with notes on its host preferences. Exp. Appl. Acarol., 40(3-4): 279-290.